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NETA Acceptance Testing

PowerSouth offers NETA acceptance testing, which is the methodical process of verifying, testing, and documenting newly installed electrical power distribution systems and equipment. Providing acceptance testing ensures the power distribution system and related equipment are properly functioning and operating per project specifications. Expertise includes:

Electrical Testing
Ground Testing
Medium-Voltage Testing
Breaker Testing

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Maintenance Testing

Maintenance testing is the process of providing electrical testing to existing electrical power distribution infrastructure. This service includes visually inspecting, cleaning, and performing electrical testing to confirm the electrical equipment is functioning properly. Maintenance testing is a vital component of ensuring the system functions efficiently and properly over the lifecycle of the system.

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Medium-Voltage Terminations / Splicing

PowerSouth offers cable terminations and splicing as another vital component of electrical services we perform. We have highly skilled technicians that are certified by 3M, Raychem/TE Connectivity, and other termination kit manufacturers to properly install electrical termination products.

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Emergency Services

PowerSouth offers 24/7 emergency services to all clients. We have a team of NETA-certified technicians that are available day or night to evaluate and resolve any emergency loss of power or electrical equipment failure. Our NETA technicians will work diligently to resolve any issues and restore the facility to an operational state with minimal downtime.

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