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Medium Voltage Terminations

PowerSouth offers cable terminations and splicing as another vital component of electrical services we perform. We have highly skilled technicians that are certified by 3M, Raychem/TE Connectivity, and other termination kit manufacturers to properly install electrical termination products. A correct, quality termination install will provide the customer confidence in their medium-voltage assets and sustainability in the facility’s medium-voltage cable systems.

Performing medium-voltage terminations is a very tedious and skilled task. PowerSouth can provide and install an array of different termination styles: cold-shrink, heat shrink, dead breaks, load breaks, or in-line splices to meet customer’s needs. PowerSouth is an industry leader in providing the most up-to-date termination processes while using the most advanced tools available on the market. PowerSouth maintains an internal QA/QC program to verify and document the termination install process to ensure a quality product is provided each and every time.

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