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If you need electrical testing, maintenance, or medium-voltage terminations installed, PowerSouth Testing is here to assist you as a NETA accredited company.

The PowerSouth team is here to help.

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Speak directly with our team, not a call service, and we’ll ask you questions such as, What service do you need? What issue do you have? Is it an emergency? Once we have a full understanding of your scope of work, we’ll give you a quote.

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If our quote is approved, we will discuss coordination and expectations with our customers. Any site-specific access requirements will be completed at this time. A work order will be generated and provided to the technicians.

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On the day of, we’ll report to the site, and if everything is good to go, we’ll get to work. In the end, you’ll have a safe and functional electrical system, as well as a partnership with a NETA-certified testing company that you can rely on if you need us in the future.

From a Client

Working with the PowerSouth has been an absolute pleasure. Their team is knowledgeable and trustworthy and leaves no stone unturned - regardless of the task. PowerSouth is enthusiastic about providing the best effort, service and product possible. They genuinely care about their customers and partners.
Chris Congdon, Brown & Brown Insurance of Georgia Inc.

What service do you need?

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Electrical Testing

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Ground Testing

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Medium-Voltage Testing

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Breaker Testing

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Maintenance Testing